About Us

Angels in the Field is a Non-profitable  Humanitarian Grassroots Relief and Development Facilitator to promote transformed communities with an  assured sustainability. Angels in the Field serves children, families   and communities living in poverty and injustice  regardless  of  religion,  caste, race, ethnicity or gender.  It  is an organization that serves for the freedom and comfort of the poor  and marginalized.   Angels in  the Field fighting against human   trafficking,  modern  slavery and Child  sex trafficking.  Rescue,  restore  and   rehabilitation of victims of  human trafficking, 

Angels in the Field’s is to envisage a society  driven by values where every child, family and the community realizes life in all its  fullness. It promotes well-being and the lasting human transformation  of vulnerable  stratum of the community, especially children and women. Therefore its focus is  to support the  wholesome  development of  children in a family and community context. We are so enthusiastic and eager to  serve the people, who lead their lives in perilous and disastrous  condition and poverty. Angels in the Field is a registered Andhra Pradesh Societies registration act 35 of 2001. Registration number 53  of 2014.       

Our Vision

For every child, family and community-life in all its abundance; our appeal for every heart-let it happen so.     

Angels in the Field pursues its mission through integrated holistic commitment to:

Empowered Communities: Which are participatory in all-round development and the sustainability thereof. 

Emergency Relief : That prioritizes on disaster risk mitigation and the facilitation of timely aid during calamities. 

Promotion of Justice:   That   fosters community-based efforts to change unjust structures which are   termed as curse on the underprivileged jeopardizing their very   existence and welfare.     

Fighting  against human trafficking and modern slavery and Child  sex  trafficking.  Rescue, restore and rehabilitation of victims of human  trafficking.  

Our Partners