Awareness Programmes

Gender Equality Awareness Programme

Angels in the Field is conducting Gender Equality awareness programmes on work places, Schools and colleges. Gender awareness raising aims at increasing general sensitivity, understanding and knowledge about gender (in) equality. Awareness rising is a process which helps to facilitate the exchange of ideas, improve mutual understanding and develop competencies and skills necessary for societal change. Gender awareness raising means providing reliable and accessible information to build a better understanding of gender equality as a core value of democratic societies. As a gender-mainstreaming method, gender awareness raising is crucial for integrating a gender perspective into policies, programmes, projects and services that respond to the different needs of women and men. Gender awareness raising aims to promote and encourage a general understanding of gender-related challenges, for instance, violence against women and the gender pay gap. It also aims to show how values and norms influence our reality, reinforce stereotypes and support the structures that produce inequalities. To provide basic facts, evidence and arguments on various topics relating to gender equality to increase awareness and knowledge about gender (in)equality; To foster communication and information exchange so as to improve mutual understanding and learning about gender (in) equality; To mobilise communities and society as a whole to bring about the necessary changes in attitudes, behaviours and beliefs about gender equality.

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Consumer Awareness Programme

Consumer Awareness Programme

Angels in the Field has been spreading the message on consumer awareness and rights of the consumers in Prakasam District Markapur Urban and Rural areas.  We effort to educate the consumers about their rights. The market is constantly being flooded with new products and services, making it difficult for consumers to choose the right products. Consumer awareness is about asking questions, to learn the specifics of a product or service. It is about comparing products and services from different sellers to learn more information. It is about having the freedom to choose what best suits consumer needs and will not harm the consumer. Consumers are not without rights and consumer awareness is about advancing these rights. Consumers do not have to silently accept substandard quality products, poor service, billing errors, late deliveries and unordered merchandise. Consumers have the right to speak up and voice their dissatisfaction. If problems cannot be resolved with the seller, they can seek recourse from state and local consumer protection offices. Companies take advantage of the consumers’ ignorance or reluctance to ask questions about the product or to take action in case of defect/ deficiency in the goods or the services and their fore the seller or company continue to cheat the people. Of late, we have been asking people to raise their voices against such malpractices and ask for the right value of their money.

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Legal Awareness Camps and Campaigns

Democratic Development and Human Rights Awareness Programmee

Citizenship Education can be defined as ‘educating children, from early childhood, to become clear-thinking and enlightened citizens who participate in decisions concerning society and the nation.’      UNESCO We believe that India is only as good as its citizens. To empower young people to be the very best they can be, so that India is the very best it can be. When citizens participate enthusiastically in exercising their rights and engaging with authorities at all levels to solve community problems, more issues are resolved and more is achieved. Our rights exist to give us individual freedoms, but also so we can use them to tackle issues that affect groups of various types, and make well-informed decisions about our country’s future. Further, it is important to promote values of justice, equality, and diversity over divisive beliefs that discourage the full integration of pluralistic societies like ours. People who live by these democratic values and engage continuously with communities, authorities, and institutions to bring about change in societies are what we call active citizens. We aim to instil in young people, critical knowledge, values, attitudes and skills to engage with authority and community to secure their rights and entitlements and to understand that responsibilities are equally important and go hand in hand with rights. This is done through Citizenship and Life Skills Education in schools, colleges, and more. Human rights are the result of humanity’s increasing and persistent demand for dignity, respect, justice, protection and freedom-all needed for a decent human existence We given Human rights education following: Enhance the knowledge and understanding of human rights. Foster attitudes of tolerance, respect, solidarity, and responsibility. Develop awareness of how human rights can be translated into social and political reality. Develop skills for protecting human rights. The design of the curriculum needs to be built on the philosophical, psychological, and sociological bases of curriculum planning and development. The school curriculum should work toward the holistic development of the individual.

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We have distributed posters and pamphlets by Village elders.  During this campaign adolescents have taken an oath to eradicate child marriages in community level.   Distributed pamphlets, posters on Child marriages In this campaign we have explained about What is child marriage Disadvantages of Child Marriages Myths and Misconceptions on    Child Marriages Explained about the Child Marriage Act Discussed community Roles and responsibilities to eradicate child marriages At project level, Identified 334 adolescent boys and 262 adolescent girls who are in the age group of 14 to 18.


Education and awareness on TB

Education and awareness on TB-HIV / AIDS

Angels in the Field is committed to work for End TB. We Conducted World TB day programme in Markapur, Member of Legislative Assembly of Markapur Janke Venkata Reddy inaugurated this programme. Given Education and Awareness on TB. We provided Nutrition food for TB patents. We conducted a rally. Angels in the Field is a partner of the Stop TB Partnership. HIV/AIDS Awareness Programme The Angels in the Field observed World AIDS Day on 1st December, in all focused villages. Organized community level campaigns and sensitized the tribal people on HIV and AIDS through role-plays and film shows. It has been organized in all 25 villages of four mandals in the district. Majority of the tribal people are not aware of HIV and AIDS as they are illiterates, hence the project created awareness through cultural performances, role plays and film shows where wider community is participated. Angels in the Field given education and Awareness on HIV/AIDS in Markapur Urban and Rural Areas. The aim of the HIV/AIDS Awareness Programme is to empower and increase the awareness to participants of HIV/AIDS, its impact, management and availability of support systems. This is to encourage early testing and lifestyle changes that will thereby reduce and prevent further infection. Introduction to HIV/AIDS HIV and the immune system How HIV spreads & prevention Symptoms of HIV infection Testing for HIV HIV medicines HIV/AIDS awareness presentations can be discussed and aimed at specific target groups.

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