COVID -19 Relief Programme

COVID -19 Relief Programme

COVID -19 Relief Programme

Angels in the Field  started the ‘No one sleep hungry’ project after the announcement of the lockdown to provide food support to most vulnerable families in Markapur Ruran and Urban areas of Andhra Pradesh. Under the current circumstances, the lowest strata of the society, comprising of daily wage workers, construction workers, contract laborers, street vendors, Pregnancy women’s,  Patients suffering from acute health ailments (TB & HIV AIDS) have been the worst hit. These groups have lost the only source of their income and have no means to make ends meet or provide food for their families.

Angels in the Field with the permission of District Administration and by adhering to all safety and proper social distancing guidelines has begun its relief service by providing dry ration support to most affected people. Till date, Angels in the Field has served and delivered grocery kits to 500 families.

 Each meal kit, procured with the funds and costing INR 1400, should last a family of five for 2 week and contains a combination of basic staples and hygiene material such as wheat flour 10 kg, rice 5 kg, two kinds of pulses 2kg, edible oil 2ltr, Salt 1 kg, sugar 1 kg tea 500gm masks, bathing 4soaps, Utensil cleaning soaps, floor disinfectant 1ltr, sanitary pads etc. Approx 24 kg material in each kit. We also distribute masks and soaps to needy people.

Angels in the Field is rightly based on humanity. It strongly opposes social inequality of every kind, it is continuously seeking to develop a full force of such people who have got the streak to serve needy and helpless.

Angels in the Field able to reach to over 500 families among them 30% are marginalized workers and 70% are migrant labors.

Awareness on generation on COVID – 19 and combating stigma.

Using of Masks always, Maintenance of Physical Distance, Demo on Han wash, Importance of Hygienic Health and sanitation, Impotence of the lockdown and how to overcome.    Coordination of Relief Efforts and providing Essential Commodities to the target beneficiaries.

Networking with District Administration to reach out people who are in immediate need for food supply.

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