COVID – 19 Second Wave Relief

COVID – 19 Second Wave Relief

COVID – 19 Second Wave Relief

During the COVID-19 crisis many people affected by leprosy have lost their livelihoods. With little to no savings to fall back on, families are on the verge of starvation.

COVID-19 lockdowns have affected, in one way or another, all aspects of life. Economy and livelihoods have been severely affected, leading to a worsening of poverty. People have been unable to feed themselves and their families. In what seemed like a hopeless situation, with a dire necessity for nutrition, with your humanitarian response

On 09th August, 2021 we reached 47 people affected with leprosy to provide our Rahot COVID -19 Kits and ready to eat meal packets in Cumbum Village.

On 13th August, 2021 we reached 20 Differently abled people to provide our Rahot COVID – 19 Kits in Bestawaripeta Village.

On 15Th August, 2021 we reached 17 Transgenders to provide our Rohit COVID – 19 Kits in Cumbum Village.

On 20th August, 2021 we reached 16 Chenchu’s (Tribals) to provide our Rohit COVID-19 Kits in Jammanapalli Chunchu Gudem Village.

We filled new joy and Smile there heart & face

Thank you so very much to Goonj for great & loving support for missed out communities through Rahot COVID-19 Kits.

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