Legal Awareness Camps and Campaigns

Democratic Development and Human Rights Awareness Programmee

Legal Awareness Camps and Campaigns
Legal Awareness Camps and Campaigns

Citizenship Education can be defined as ‘educating children, from early childhood, to become clear-thinking and enlightened citizens who participate in decisions concerning society and the nation.’      UNESCO

We believe that India is only as good as its citizens. To empower young people to be the very best they can be, so that India is the very best it can be.

When citizens participate enthusiastically in exercising their rights and engaging with authorities at all levels to solve community problems, more issues are resolved and more is achieved. Our rights exist to give us individual freedoms, but also so we can use them to tackle issues that affect groups of various types, and make well-informed decisions about our country’s future. Further, it is important to promote values of justice, equality, and diversity over divisive beliefs that discourage the full integration of pluralistic societies like ours.

People who live by these democratic values and engage continuously with communities, authorities, and institutions to bring about change in societies are what we call active citizens.

We aim to instil in young people, critical knowledge, values, attitudes and skills to engage with authority and community to secure their rights and entitlements and to understand that responsibilities are equally important and go hand in hand with rights. This is done through Citizenship and Life Skills Education in schools, colleges, and more.

Human rights are the result of humanity’s increasing and persistent demand for dignity, respect, justice, protection and freedom-all needed for a decent human existence

We given Human rights education following:

Enhance the knowledge and understanding of human rights.

Foster attitudes of tolerance, respect, solidarity, and responsibility.

Develop awareness of how human rights can be translated into social and political reality.

Develop skills for protecting human rights.

The design of the curriculum needs to be built on the philosophical, psychological, and sociological bases of curriculum planning and development. The school curriculum should work toward the holistic development of the individual.

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