Distributed of COVID – 19 Protection Materials

Distributed of COVID – 19 Protection Materials

We distributed COVID-19 Protection materials (Face Mask, Face Shield, Hand Gloves, Hand Sanitizer) to Vulnerable and Marginalized communities in Markapur Division, Andhra Pradesh, India. Our material is very much needed to control & protect COVID-19. Awareness Programs conducted on Control, Prevention of spread of COVID-19 and Combating Stigma.

 We distributed COVID protection materials to sanitary workers in Cumbum, Kandulapuram, Bestavaripeta and Markapur  villages.  385 sanitary workers received our COVID Protection materials, in this programme Cumbum, Kandulapuram, Bestavaripeta villages  Panchayat Secretaries,  Presidents and Markapur Municipality Staff participated and addressed COVID -19 3rd wave. Giving education and awareness on the importance of Face mask, Face sheet, sanitation, hand glows, sanitary workers feels very happy to receive our protection materials.

Special thanks to Dianova for your loving support. We are very happy for your great concern about us. We are very much thankful to you for your extreme love for us.

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