Education and awareness on TB

Education and awareness on TB-HIV / AIDS

Education and awareness on TB
Education and awareness on TB

Angels in the Field is committed to work for End TB. We Conducted World TB day programme in Markapur, Member of Legislative Assembly of Markapur Janke Venkata Reddy inaugurated this programme. Given Education and Awareness on TB. We provided Nutrition food for TB patents. We conducted a rally. Angels in the Field is a partner of the Stop TB Partnership.

HIV/AIDS Awareness Programme

The Angels in the Field observed World AIDS Day on 1st December, in all focused villages. Organized community level campaigns and sensitized the tribal people on HIV and AIDS through role-plays and film shows. It has been organized in all 25 villages of four mandals in the district. Majority of the tribal people are not aware of HIV and AIDS as they are illiterates, hence the project created awareness through cultural performances, role plays and film shows where wider community is participated.

Angels in the Field given education and Awareness on HIV/AIDS in Markapur Urban and Rural Areas. The aim of the HIV/AIDS Awareness Programme is to empower and increase the awareness to participants of HIV/AIDS, its impact, management and availability of support systems. This is to encourage early testing and lifestyle changes that will thereby reduce and prevent further infection.

  • Introduction to HIV/AIDS
  • HIV and the immune system
  • How HIV spreads & prevention
  • Symptoms of HIV infection
  • Testing for HIV
  • HIV medicines

HIV/AIDS awareness presentations can be discussed and aimed at specific target groups.

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