Fighting Against Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery

Angels in the Field is to Fighting against human trafficking and modern slavery and Child sex trafficking.  Rescue, restore and rehabilitation of victims of human trafficking. We keen in creating Education and Awareness on Human Trafficking / Slavery, Child Sex-Trafficking in the community both in schools and Colleges as well as in the community context at large. Various seminars, counseling sessions, trainings, rallies, consultations and the like have been our ongoing efforts.  Sensitization sessions have been provided to teachers, ICDS staff, Self Help Groups, Children Team, Youth Teams, and Adolescent Teams  for enhanced understanding on the prevailing community issues and as well as effective involvement in solving the problems.

We given Education and awareness for Bricks making people, Most of the people in Bricks factory living in slavery this came given education about slavery.  The specially designed Information, Education and Communication materials which are relevant to the context have been an added value to all our awareness services.  We make the best use of all possible ways of communicating the message such as cultural programmes, wall-writings, posters, pamphlets, film-shows, organizing competitions for children on child trafficking. 


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