Gender Equality Awareness Programme

Angels in the Field is conducting Gender Equality awareness programmes on work places, Schools and colleges. Gender awareness raising aims at increasing general sensitivity, understanding and knowledge about gender (in) equality.

Awareness rising is a process which helps to facilitate the exchange of ideas, improve mutual understanding and develop competencies and skills necessary for societal change. Gender awareness raising means providing reliable and accessible information to build a better understanding of gender equality as a core value of democratic societies. As a gender-mainstreaming method, gender awareness raising is crucial for integrating a gender perspective into policies, programmes, projects and services that respond to the different needs of women and men. Gender awareness raising aims to promote and encourage a general understanding of gender-related challenges, for instance, violence against women and the gender pay gap. It also aims to show how values and norms influence our reality, reinforce stereotypes and support the structures that produce inequalities.

To provide basic facts, evidence and arguments on various topics relating to gender equality to increase awareness and knowledge about gender (in)equality;

To foster communication and information exchange so as to improve mutual understanding and learning about gender (in) equality;

To mobilise communities and society as a whole to bring about the necessary changes in attitudes, behaviours and beliefs about gender equality.

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