• Angels in the Field is to Fighting against human trafficking and modern slavery and Child sex trafficking.  Rescue, restore and rehabilitation of victims of human trafficking. We keen in creating Education and Awareness on Human Trafficking / Slavery, Child Sex-Trafficking in the community both in schools and Colleges as well as in the community context at large. Various seminars, counseling sessions, trainings, rallies, consultations and the like have been our ongoing efforts.  Sensitization sessions have been provided to teachers, ICDS staff, Self Help Groups, Children Team, Youth Teams, and Adolescent Teams  for enhanced understanding on the prevailing community issues and as well as effective involvement in solving the problems.

  • We given Education and awareness for Bricks making people, Most of the people in Bricks factory living in slavery this came given education about slavery.  The specially designed Information, Education and Communication materials which are relevant to the context have been an added value to all our awareness services.  We make the best use of all possible ways of communicating the message such as cultural programmes, wall-writings, posters, pamphlets, film-shows, organizing competitions for children on child trafficking. 



We conducted Walk for Freedom (Education and Awareness on Human Trafficking / Slavery). More than 200 Youth participated in this walk. This walk covered Markapur main places, for this Walk most of the people educated and aware of what is Human Trafficking and slavery. All most all Government Departments involved in this Walk. 


To modify the direction and path of the youth and keep them on the right track community Based training programmes were organized at village level at project level. The topics discussed in these meetings are disaster preparedness, small-scale unit’s installation, self-employment etc…


In one session at project level the total focus is laid on developing the awareness of youth about their village needs, contributing to their levels to fulfill the needs, identifying the problems at village level, finding out solutions, forming networks with government and NGO sectors to realize their dreams about their sectors. The highlight of this session is preparing a village wise action plan based on the specific needs for future interventions. Especially focus on physically challenged youth in rural areas and their needs.




In Markapur we given skill development training for 35 members of physically challenged youth in Candles, Phenol, Chalk pieces & Incenses sticks making. this training help then to develop financially. 

We also provided try cycles for physically challenged person



We also provided try cycles for physically challenged person and also supported for start unit what they learn.  


 Sponcered by Sarva Siksha Abiyan (SSA), Govt.of Andhra Pradesh. 

 Angels in the Field run Seasonal Hostel in Mandal Parshath Primary School (SC) Sunkesula Village, Peddaraveedu Mandal, Andhra Pradesh India. We Provided Food, Study and taking care for 55 children’s of out migrated parents. 

 We Distributed Note Books, Drawing Books and sketch pens to ongoing school children’s in Sunkesula Village Peddraveedu Mandal, Andhra Pradesh. 



ANGELS IN THE FIELD working in Nallamala Forest area and adjust mandals. Just conducted workshop on Bio-Diversity and evolutes in concept and Bio-Diversity for it preservation and conservation. In the poetics Globalization, inclusive unitization of resource particul.rly forest and land. The individual agencies acceleration deforestation. Causing more vulnerable trible who are working who inhibited in the forest is particularly Chenchu’s. 

Where conducted to expose the problem of environment degradation and decline of ecological balance of Bio-Diversity and also need of preserved conservation of Biodiversity and also under take activities to build balance has to preserve environment and ecological balance.

SUPPORT FOR ORPHAN’S KIDS (Children’s Home of Love)

we are working underprivileged children orphans, destitute and other vulnerable groups and their communities towards a wholesome future filled with hope, dignity, justice and peace. Reach out poorest of the poor in India without respect to cast, creed and colour.

We are dedicated to care children, promote independence and build strong families through activities with the resources available. By providing them with long term care this includes basic needs education and health care and skills necessary to transform them in to responsible citizens.

Angels in the Field is running an Orphanage in the name of CHILDREN’S HOME OF LOVE. We have established the Children’s Home of Love during the year 2014 with the humble beginning of supporting 12 children that grew to 31 children now. It is situated in Markapur, Andhra Pradesh, India.

We provide food, Shelter, Education Health Care and clothing to the children in the orphanage.



Angels in the Field provided self employment training for poor and widow women.  

strategically planned for women Empowerment though half – half the population comprehensive women they are completely neglected and oppressed. They are yet to be represented in the decision making in their houses and also the society at large. The socio-Economic and cultural oppression made women more vulnerable. Hence to address the problems

  • Increase to reasons
  • To improve in the skill
  • Improve income generation capacity
  • To fight for domestic violence.
  • Promotion of entrepreneurship
  • Promotion of leadership 
  • Active participation of direct politics in the society
  • Sewing center for poor and widows womens.

YOUTH TEAMS (CLUBS) and Leadership Training Programme

Sponcered by Nehru Yuva Kendra (NYK), Govt.of India. 

 Youth Team’s are established in 4 villages, Dharimadugu, Sreeram puram, Nagula varam and Rayavaram, The Youth are monitoring all these Youth Team’s in all 4 villages.  They are mobilizing all those resources and also collecting the information on the Employment opportunities. 

 Youth actively participated in all programs and the terrific participation levels have shown their responsibilities.  Youth have participated in Awareness program on Human Trafficking/Slavery, Child Mobilization campaign for Enrollment, Awareness on Seasonal Diseases, Birth Registration, Vruksho Rakshithi Rakshitaha, Mandal Level and District level Sports Meet, World HIV/AIDS Day, World TB Day 



Angels in the Field is committed to work for End TB. We Conducted World TB day programme. Given Education and Awareness on TB. We provided Nutrition food for TB patents. We conducted a rally. 

Angels in the Field is a partner of the Stop TB Partnership.


We have distributed posters and pamphlets by Village elders.  During this campaign adolescents have taken an oath to eradicate child marriages in community level.   Distributed pamphlets, posters on Child marriages

In this campaign we have explained about 

  • What is child marriage
  • Disadvantages of Child Marriages
  • Myths and Misconceptions on    Child Marriages
  • Explained about the Child Marriage Act
  • Discussed community Roles and responsibilities to eradicate child marriages
  • At project level, Identified 334 adolescent boys and 262 adolescent girls who are in the age group of 14 to 18.



We initiated to conduct Nutrition Week Celebrations from 1st to 7th of this month in 12 villages of Markapur, and Tharlupadu Mandals. On account of this celebrations Project has been giving awareness on Nutritional food and its importance at schools with the assistance of Teachers. In this program we have given awareness on Vitamins, Proteins, and minerals. Etc.

We have also explained the importance of leafy vegetables in their diet. We told that they can get Vitamins, Proteins, and Minerals etc from Leafy vegetables.  We also told that usage of pesticides in the food items has been increased and it could decrease the resistance power among children.  

Angels in the Field Competitive Coaching Center

 Sponcered by Department of Social Welfare - Ongole (SWD), Govt.of Andhra Pradesh. 

 We are providing free coaching and study material to Dalit (Seduced Cast) students who are prepare for Teacher Recruitment Test (DSC & SGT P). (Government of Andhra Pradesh, Social Welfare Department Ongole Sponsored Scheme) 

 We Providing free coaching and study material for Dalit (Seduced Cast) students who are prepare for Police Constables Jobs. (Government of Andhra Pradesh, Social Welfare Department Ongole Sponsored Scheme) 

 We are providing best coaching for all types of competitive exams. (Free coaching for Dalit (Seduced Cast) Students)