Income Generation Awareness Programme for women

Angels in the Field take up a systematic approach to conduct vocational training courses and provide necessary opportunities for skill development and overall development of learners. For the means of providing employment women must be given a skill set to be able to earn a living. Diploma courses in sewing- Tailoring, Beautician were conducted in the year 2019-20. The objective of these courses is to impart skills for employment and also develop entrepreneurship among women. we have trained more than 100 women this year.

After completing the successful training, Angels in the Field also arrange the credit to start the enterprise either by loan from any nationalized or rural bank.

Our next aim is to start Government funded Skills Training programs in partnership with industries to fulfill specific job requirements that will benefit the partners for manpower as well as the trained women. For the Overall development of the learners a mandatory training on soft skills, presentation skills, and personal hygiene will be given to inculcate a work ethic and sense of personal worth and responsibility.

Women Welfare & Protection Programmee

ANGELS IN THE FIELD strategically planned for aspiration of women through empowerment though half – half the population compresence women they are completely neglected and oppressed. They are yet to be represented in the decision making in their houses and also the society at large. The socio-Economic and cultural oppression made women more vulnerable. Hence to address the problems

  • Increase to reasons
  • To improve in the skill
  • Improve income generation capacity
  • To fight for against domestic violence.
  • Promotion of entrepreneurship
  • Promotion of leadership
  • Active participation of direct politics in the society
  • Formation of SHG’s

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