Youth Leadership Training Programme

Youth Leadership Training Programme

Youth Leadership Training Programme

With the support of Nehru Yuva Kendra – Prakasam (Government of India Ministry of Youth and Sports affairs) we given youth leadership and community Development training in Yerragondapalem.

It is widely observed that when the personality, character and moral building opportunities are provided to youth on one hand and equipped with basic qualities of leadership on the other hand, assume responsibility and take lead in addressing village situations and also act as catalytic agents for the development of their village communities. The programme will also provide rural youth an opportunity to come together, share their experiences, exchange ideas and take up community welfare and Nation Building activities.

To enhance capacities of young people to take leadership to help others to live a meaningful life and contribute towards Nation Building. Inculcate strong character, self discipline, integrity, positive attitude, commitment to Nation and strong desire to spread messages for Nation Building.

 To establish a Cadre of dedicated, motivated and trained youth leaders who are willing to engage for Nation Building activities.

We modify the direction and path of the youth and keep them on the right track capacities, Leadership qualities and community development building training programmes were organized at village level. The topics discussed in these meetings are disaster preparedness, small-scale unit’s installation, self-employment etc…

The total focus is laid on developing the awareness of youth about their village needs, contributing to their levels to fulfil the needs, identifying the problems at village level, finding out solutions, forming networks with government sectors to realize their dreams about their sectors. The highlight of this session is preparing a village wise action plan based on the specific needs for future interventions

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